What is the fully automatic dried radish drying production line?


Author: TwesixTwesix

The radish dryer production line is suitable for drying different kinds of fruits and vegetables, as well as various materials such as Chinese herbal medicines and agricultural products. Use air to dehumidify, dehydrate and dry."After dehydration and drying, the radish has a natural appearance, low cost and less loss of nutrients.". The radish dryer production line dries the radish, and the drying temperature is gentle."The temperature control is accurate, the temperature difference between different sections of the drying room is small, and there will be no phenomenon that the drying quality is affected by the local drying temperature being too high".

The refrigerant is compressed by the compressor to become high temperature and high pressure gas, which enters the condenser to release heat, and the heat released by condensation is sent to the drying room by the circulating fan, and the drying room air is heated (scientifically appropriate temperature) with the increase of the air temperature. The moisture in the drying material will gradually evaporate, and then the gaseous moisture in the drying chamber will become condensed water and flow out of the drying chamber through the condenser, and the condensed water will be processed and recovered by the reverse osmosis filtration system. Foshan Twesix fully automatic radish drying production line.

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