Which dryer can be used to dry peppercorns as well as the sun


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Which dryer can be used to dry Chinese prickly ash can be the same as the sun drying, different dryer technology and drying effect are not the same, using a dryer can achieve better quality than natural drying, and at the same time can Protect the value of pepper itself from loss. If we need to figure out this problem, we need to carry out a careful and detailed comparison and in-depth study of these two processing methods. First of all, there are many disadvantages of natural drying, and the heating is uneven, which requires manual turning (if the amount is large, the labor input is too large, and the labor is laborious). Second, if it encounters cloudy and rainy days (especially continuous rainy days), prickly ash is easy to mold if it is not dried. Furthermore, natural drying is not feasible for growers. It requires a lot of space for drying. Some growers have planted hundreds of thousands of acres of Chinese prickly ash at once, which is very large for drying.

Foshan Twesix air-energy intelligent pepper drying machine can freely control temperature and humidity. According to the characteristics of pepper itself, a more suitable drying process curve can be designed according to the characteristics of pepper, which can achieve a better opening rate (above 95%) and Better color preservation. Foshan Twesix air energy intelligent pepper drying machine dries Chinese pepper, which can greatly improve the drying efficiency, and increase the drying capacity of Chinese pepper in a shorter time. The dryer adopts PLC intelligent computer control, which can automatically stop when the drying time is reached, without manual duty, which saves labor costs to a greater extent.

The characteristics of the dryer, we have to choose a pepper dryer. For how to choose a pepper dryer, we must first understand the current domestic energy mode. At present, the domestic drying industry is roughly divided into: coal boilers, biomass hot blast stoves, natural gas boilers, firewood boilers, pure electric energy, air energy, and solar energy. At present, according to the domestic environmental protection situation, coal boilers and firewood boilers can be directly excluded (there is a lot of pollution).

Due to the impact of domestic environmental protection on natural gas and biomass, the ban on coal directly caused a high price increase and out-of-stock of natural gas and biomass. Pure electric energy is too expensive for planters to consume electricity, and most planters cannot afford it. Air energy heat pump, one hour of electricity can reach 3-5 degrees of heating, no pollution to the atmosphere and pepper, more importantly.

Solar energy and equipment are expensive, and growers cannot afford it. To sum up, it is recommended to choose Foshan Twesix air-energy intelligent pepper drying machine to dry pepper. Twesix has a number of patented technologies for drying pepper, which can better preserve the quality and color of pepper. It is recommended that pepper growers must Only by choosing a manufacturer with technology and strength to cooperate can we have a better guarantee.

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