What types of pepper dryers are there?


Author: TwesixTwesix

The types of pepper dryers may be divided into two categories: one is a drying room, which contains drying racks, trays, carts, etc.; the other is a mesh belt continuous dryer, which is automated while in and out. high. The disadvantage of the pepper drying room drying room is that the degree of automation is lower, and it needs to be manually loaded into the drying room for drying; the advantage is that the compatibility is relatively good, and various materials can be dried. The big ones can be customized, and the smaller ones can be made under a few hundred kilograms, and the price is relatively low.

Large-scale pepper dryer production line The advantages of automatic mesh belt type pepper dryer are high degree of automation, continuous feeding and discharging, which greatly saves labor, large drying capacity, and more uniform drying of peppers. The disadvantage is that the compatibility is not so wide, the equipment capacity is large, and the price is higher. Mesh belt type pepper dryer.

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