Why does the micro negative pressure heat pump low temperature dehumidification and drying stand out?


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With the continuous development of modern agricultural machinery, a large number of sludge drying equipment have appeared in the market. Because the untreated sludge has a moisture content of about 98%, the harmless reduction of sludge is an important part of sludge disposal. A large number of sludge drying equipment choose a high-quality sludge dryer? Sludge disposal has sludge drying equipment such as mechanical dehydration type, medium and high temperature direct drain drying type, and low temperature dehumidification drying type. The investment cost of mechanical dehydration equipment is low, but the dehydration capacity is low, up to 60-80%. At the same time, because the water filtered by pressure filtration is still sewage, it needs to be equipped with sewage treatment and odor leakage equipment. Therefore, the comprehensive cost (dehydration equipment, site , supporting infrastructure, sewage treatment equipment, electricity, sewage treatment chemicals) is very high, the actual production idle rate is high. Similar to mechanical dehydration equipment, medium and high temperature direct-draining drying equipment has low equipment investment costs, but needs to be equipped with heat sources (such as natural gas, high-pressure steam, etc.) and natural gas supply facilities, hot blast stoves, burners, steam boilers, and water treatment systems. , waste gas (odor) treatment and other equipment, so the operating cost is high. Generally, the comprehensive operating cost is more than 40% higher than that of low-temperature drying.

There are two types of heat pump low-temperature dehumidification and drying equipment: sealed low-temperature dehumidification and drying equipment and micro-negative pressure low-temperature dehumidification and drying equipment. Sealed low-temperature dehumidification and drying has the characteristics of low operating cost, small footprint, simple operation process and high degree of automation. Therefore, it has been popular in the market for several years. At the same time, it also exposes three major problems: serious odor leakage during operation, Uneven dryness and wetness ("sandwiches" often require back-mixing and re-drying) and high failure rate (severe corrosion and damage to refrigeration components), so there is a large amount of downtime for maintenance. Sludge treatment equipment Foshan Twesix micro-negative pressure heat pump low-temperature dehumidification and drying machine integrates three technologies of micro-negative pressure, waste gas incineration heat energy recycling, and three-pass continuous thinning and drying on the basis of the advantages of the sealed low-temperature dehumidification and drying machine (among which Two patented technologies), completely solve the three problems of odor leakage, uneven drying and wetness, and high failure rate, so that the low-temperature dehumidification and drying technology is becoming more and more perfect, and its environmental protection, stability and cost-effective advantages are more obvious than all kinds of dehydration equipment. stand out! .

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