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In the past, pepper farmers had to look at the weather when they harvested the peppers for drying. Bad weather had a great impact on the quality of the peppers, and the picked peppers would be damaged and rotten. Now the pepper dryers come out, and the pepper farmers no longer have to worry about it. The weather is a problem, but there are many kinds of pepper dryers. How to choose a pepper dryer has become a worry for pepper growers and pepper processing enterprises. There is a traditional flat bed drying equipment for Chinese prickly ash, and a drying pool is built by yourself, which is low in cost. Because the stacking is thick and the baking temperature is high, the quality of the prickly ash after drying is not very good, and the color is dark. There are also household dryers suitable for pepper farmers of about 20 acres. Generally, there are more electricity and air energy, low procurement costs, small drying scale for a single batch, and large labor.

Foshan Shunde Twesix Energy Co.,Ltd has developed a drying production line for Chinese prickly ash with branches according to the needs of users for drying prickly ash. Technical features: Adopt small air supply and large circulation technology. Aiming at the structure and moisture content of Chinese prickly ash, the technology of small air supply and large circulation is adopted to minimize energy consumption and control the volatilization of essential oils to the greatest extent; dynamic variable speed drying technology is adopted.

According to the best process obtained by the experiment, follow the principle of aerodynamics, adopt dynamic variable speed drying technology, shorten the drying cycle to the maximum extent, completely eliminate the dependence of drying quality on people, and ensure the consistency of dry product quality to the greatest extent; adopt the temperature control technology with humidity . In view of the huge influence of humidity on the color of dried green prickly ash, the latest patented technology with completely independent intellectual property rights - drying technology with humidity controlled temperature is used to achieve the goal of rapid evaporation of tissue water under relatively low temperature conditions, and eliminates the need to rely on temperature to change humidity. It has the disadvantages of high energy consumption and high temperature influence on color and shape. It adopts partition control technology. In view of the fact that the oil buds on the surface of fresh pepper are easy to burst when heated, and are not suitable for mechanical collision, enzymatic reactions are prone to occur under certain temperature and humidity conditions, and browning and essential oils volatilize quickly in high temperature environments.

The advantages of Foshan Twesix prickly ash drying production line with branches: 1. It solves the problem of high cost and huge labor for traditional drying with handle, and at the same time prolongs the storage time to ensure higher and better quality of dried products, greatly reduces the labor risk of enterprises, and greatly improves corporate profitability. 2. Solve the waste of raw materials in the picking process (according to the actual test, about 0.3 catties wasted per plant); 3. The branches can be used as a heat source or sold, and the burning ashes can be used as phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to return to the field, which greatly reduces the drying cost, etc.

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