new-arrival industrial fruit dehydrator for factories | Twesix

new-arrival industrial fruit dehydrator for factories | Twesix

How to dry apple by TSIX fruit dryer machine? Slicing apples into 5 or 6mm,putting the apple slices into the fruit dehydrator machine. Setting the temperature from 40℃ to 70℃ and taking 6-8hours to finish the drying process.

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After years of solid and rapid development, Twesix has grown into one of the most professional and influential enterprises in China. industrial fruit dehydrator Twesix have a group of service professionals who are responsible for answering questions raised by customers through the Internet or phone, tracking the logistics status, and helping customers solve any problem. Whether you'd like to get more info on what, why and how we do, try our new product - new-arrival industrial fruit dehydrator for factories, or would like to partner up, we'd love to hear from you.Containing no Bisphenol A (BPA) ingredient, the product is safe and harmless to people. Food such as meats, vegetable, and fruits can be placed in it and dehydrated for a healthy diet.


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