Best Twesix Pork Jerky Drying Machine-DPHG050S-G Supplier

Best Twesix Pork Jerky Drying Machine-DPHG050S-G Supplier

As one client from Thailand requires, we tested to dry pork jerky in our hot air dryer

Meat: Pork

Thickness:slice 5 to 6mm

Target drying temperature:60 degree C

Drying time: 3hours

CLEAN: friendly drying system that does not use much energy. The TWSIX Pet Food Drier is the perfect machine to keep your pet's food dry and fresh. This pet food dryer will keep your pet's food dry and fresh using its twin-fan drying mechanism.

Easy to use ,easy to clean , useful for pets with sensitive stomachs。  Original design,  Two sided door. With the TWSIX pet food dryer, you can now dry your pet's food without having to stick it in the oven or microwave. The TWSIX pet food dryer is a durable, reliable and convenient way to safely dry pet food.

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Twesix heat pump dryer is the heat pump to get high temperature. The compressor makes the coolant as high temp. and high  pressure gas, it releases the heating energy and becomes liquid  when pass the condenser with the fan running, this heating energy goes to raise up the air temperature at the  غرفة التجفيف. The water inside of the goods to be dried becomes steam by the hot air, and this steam is taken away by  the exhaust system, the goods will be tried by doing that again and again. We have the heating-reuse system to heat up the refresh air  from outside, that can save energy of preheating the fresh air  about 60% - 70%.
What Can We Dry?

زهور& اوراق اشجار                                                                             لحمة

Roses, jasmine, lotus, lily, day  lily, chrysanthemums, osmanthus, honeysuckle and so on                    sausage, spareribs, duck,  beef, mutton, chicken, pork,  sauced duck, meat products and  حالا


Seafood Shrimps                                                                      فاكهة

 fishes, sea horses,  kelp and so on                                                         Apples, mangoes, pitayas,  peaches, apricots, plums, grape,  wolfberry, black wolfberry,  jujube, litchi and so on

معلمات المنتج

مواصفات المنتج
Specilaze in IC for around 14 years
100% Tested before sale
Cooperate with over 35 famous brands from domestic and international market
Competitive and reasonable price
Abundant inventory and short lead time about 3-7 days
18 months warranty
24hrs supports from our sales and R&D team
Competitive and reasonable price
مزايا الشركة
Factory, do OEM/ODM orders
Passed many certificates
Testing Lab
Engineers Team for technical support and after service
1.OEM or ODM are acceptable.
2. نحن نقبل النظام الصغيرة / الترتيب التجريبي للعملاء للتحقق مما إذا كانت المنتجات مناسبة للسوق.
3. سوف تكون متاحة عبر الإنترنت almot في خدمة 24 ساعة لشركتك الموقرة.
4. نحن سعداء أن نسمع منك قريبا وبدء علاقة تجارية مع شركة احترامك.

مزايا الشركة

Copeland compressor and Schneider electronics components


Passed many certificates


Customized Machine


Testing Lab


1.Are you a factory or trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer of food drying machine for . We have own brand Tsix drying machine production line. We own both of Domestic and international sales department.
2.Where are your clients from
Asia, Europe,Africa, South America, New Zeland,Austrilia etc
3.Can I be your agent or distributor?
Yes, if you want to become our distributor in your place, we are a pleasure that we share profits ,provide technology training.


1.Provide multifunctional  machines
2.Customized Machine
3.Engineers Team for technical support and after service
4.Testing Lab

About Twesix

منتج آلة تجفيف الأغذية المهنية ومزود حلول تجفيف المواد الغذائية منذ عام 2014.We أساسا تصنيع منتجات سلسلة "TSIX" مثل مصدر الهواء المضخة الحرارية مجفف الطعام، مجفف المواد الغذائية الصناعية وأيضا الهواء لمصدر المياه مضخة الحرارة لمياه الشرب. يتم تصدير أجهزتنا إلى عشرات البلدان والمجالات مثل بريطانيا وأستراليا والشرق الأوسط والهند وسنغافورة وتايلاند وماليزيا والبرازيل وروسيا وأوزبكستان ومنغوليا وجنوب أفريقيا، إلخ علاوة على ذلك، لدينا مختبراتنا، والتي يمكن أن تختبر قدرة وأداء الآلات، والتي تضمن جودة عملائنا.

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