About Twesix Spices Heat Pump Drying Machine for Indoensian Client | Twesix

About Twesix Spices Heat Pump Drying Machine for Indoensian Client  | Twesix

Star anise, also known as fennel star anise,aniseed and anise. It is a plant of the genus

Anise. Its dried fruit is one of the seasonings for Chinese cuisine and Southeast Asian

cuisine.It is mainly distributed in China, Southeast Asia and India. The fruit is picked in

autumn and winter and is reddish brown or yellowish brown after drying.The smell aromatic and sweet. 

Can be used whole fruit or milled. Fruits and seeds can be used as

a seasoning and can also be used as a medicine.

drying, green drying and firewood drying.The main disadvantage of these three

processing methods is the long gycle, usually takes 2-5 days, manual operation, high

fuel consumption. Especially fatal is that in the middle of the rainy weather, the star

anise fruit deteriorates and rots, causing serious losses to growers and harvesters.

Therefore, the drying of anise is also a headache for farmers. If star anise is not dried in

time after harvest, it will soon become moldy and rotten. In addition, the harvesting

season of anise is rainy season,natural drying simply can not deal with a large number

of anise In addition to the large space needed for natural air drying, in this age of

inches of gold, it is impossible to meet the requirements of a large number of

processing. In addition, the loss of artificial air drying is large, the number of octagons

after drying is not high. Ordinary sun drying 4 kg fresh fruit can only produce 1 kg of

dry goods, while the use of our company’s research and development of Twesix Spices dryer and supporting drying room,there is no loss, about 3 kg of fresh fruit can produce 1 kg of dry goods.

    Our client from Indonesia drys spices, anise is one of their spices. In Indonesia, rainy days will continue 6 months,which is not good to dry anise. Twesix Heat Pump Drying Machine can solve the problem the rainy days bring. Besides, compared with traditional dryers, the spices heat pump dryer not only can work without influence of environmental conditions, but also can save 60 to 70%.

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