Twesix Rice Noodle Drying Machine Installed in Taiwan

Twesix Rice Noodle Drying Machine Installed in Taiwan

Above Twesix Noodle Dryer is designed for the long rice noodle without cutting.

How to dry rice noodles with Twesix Rice noodle dryer?

 Gradually remove moisture from the core of rice noodle: Different from drying noodle made of wheat flour,at first drying period, no need to shape. But due to the characteristic that the rate of rice noodle’s water output is very slow.In order to avoid the situation that the core of rice noodle is still wet and out surface become dry, how to set the drying temperature and control humidity plays an very important role in the quality of dried rice noodle. So,during first period, the drying temperature is at 25 -30°C, and air humanity at 55-65% RH, and the drying mode can be dehumidification.

 Still removing the moisture from the core of rice noodle
: due to the slow rate of water output. During this period, the drying mode is still dehumidification. The drying temperature is still at25 -30°C, and the humanity at 50-55% RH.

 Raise the temperature but reduce the humanity: At the middle drying phase,it is necessary to raise the temperature further and to reduce the humanity to make sure that most of water in noodles is evaporated on a complete and timely basis. The drying time is 2 hours with the temperature at 30-40°C and the humanity at 45-50% RH.The drying mode can be dehumidification and dry.

Removing the moisture of the rice noodle’s surface: After the phases above, noodles are almost dehydrated and their structure is fixed. At this moment, you can keep the air moving to lower the temperature of noodles and to remove some water from the rice noodle’s surface  until their moisture content satisfies the quality standards. Hold the airing temperature at 26-28°C and the humanity at 30-40% RH for about 90 minutes.

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