How to Dry Sea Cucumber by Twesix Low Temperature Heat Pump Dehydrator?

How to Dry Sea Cucumber by Twesix Low Temperature Heat Pump Dehydrator?

sea cucumber Seafood Processing Steps:

1. Cut the mouth of the sea cucumber and squeeze out the intestines: Wash the sea cucumber with clean water, use scissors to cut a two to three centimeter opening from its abdomen, and take out the internal organs and intestines. If the intestines are not removed, the entire sea cucumber will melt.


2.Cleaning sea cucumbers: Sea cucumbers are difficult to clean, so after taking out the internal organs, clean the sea cucumbers repeatedly, usually 5 times until they are clean.

3. Boiling sea cucumbers: When the water temperature is 90 degrees, put the cleaned sea cucumbers into the steaming boiler and cook them, stirring back and forth with tools to prevent uneven water temperature. At this time, you can see that the sea cucumbers shrink rapidly and the sea cucumber spines are obviously prominent. After about half an hour, remove the sea cucumbers and stir in coarse salt if necessary.

Above processes, actually Twesix provide professional automatic production line for clients like cutting working table with conveyor,vibration machine to remove sandy, washing machine and steaming boiler.

More details, please check our products!

                                Remove Sea Cucumber Intestines Working Table                                                                          




            Vibration Machine to Remove Sandy Covered onto Sea Cucumber              


Washing Machine                                                 


                                              Vibration Machine to Remove Water           


Steaming Boiler                                                                          

4. Sea cucumber drying: Place the cooked sea cucumbers onto trays, push trolleys with trays into heat pump sea cucumber dryer, set the drying temperature, humidity and time parameters through the intelligent control system, and start drying. If it is ordinary salt-dried sea cucumber, the drying temperature setting can be slightly higher. If it is high-quality light-dried or pure light-dried sea cucumber, try to use the cold air drying mode of the dryer, 10~30℃ is enough, cold air drying Sea cucumbers are black and bright in color, well preserved in flavor, and have the special aroma of sea cucumbers. The temperature of the air-energy sea cucumber dryer is adjustable and has hot air drying, cold air drying and natural drying modes.


Besides, if want to reach the Chinese dried sea cucumber standard, the ideal drying temperature is 10 to 20℃. The drying process will be different. Put the sea cucumbers into drying chamber to dry for one or two days at 10 to 20℃ temperature, and then take out to be dried by sun at 10 to 20℃ for one or two days. Repeating the process several times. The total drying days will continue about 10days.

More details about the drying way, please contact our,what’s app:+ 86 13432680457

5.Inspection standards for sea cucumbers: The water content of sea cucumber products is less than 15%, the shape is neat, the abdominal cavity is intact, the meat is plump, the color is smooth, the salt taste is very light, and the size is uniform. Sea cucumber spines should be intact and straight.

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