Twsix noodle drying machine can dry wheat noodles,rice noodles,potato noodles and zucchini noodles.

The noodle dryer can dry and dewater based on noodles made of different raw materials.For example, if the noodles are made of wheat, the drying process is different. At first stage, the temperature should be high to fast dry noodles,which avoid the noodles too long.

  • 1500kg Noodle Dryer Rice Noodles Drying Machine-DPHG050S-G 1500kg Noodle Dryer Rice Noodles Drying Machine-DPHG050S-G
    Noodle Dryer can dry rice noodle,wheat noodle,potato noodles and dehydrated zucchini noodles'Generally the noodles drying machine can finish drying from 6-10 hours. It enormously improves output for noodles factories.No more unreliable drying process. Reliable, fast and energy saving drying. Developed for you- special low temperature, heat pump based technology.noodle dehydrator dry noodle at low and middle temperatures, which dry the noodle better. The dried noodle do not change any of its nutritional value