Conveyor Belt Dryer with Dehumidifier

Conveyor Belt Dryer with Dehumidifier

The dryer with belt conveyor and dehumdifier.The continuous belt dryer generally is customized as clients' requirments for large capacity. The belt dryer can dry fruit, vegetable, seafood, meat etc.
Generally the materails are made of stainless steel.In the market, the conveyor bet is connected with boiler, gas and electrical heating tubes,which  waste too energy and money. Nowadays, air source heat pump dryer is connected to the belt conveyor becuase the dryer owns heat rocovery funtions. So it can save 60-70% energy,which is best choice for food factories.  Besides, the air source heat pump dryer owns dehumidifying funtion,which can guarantee the quality of dried food.

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ENERGY EFFICIENT: The TWSIX conveyor belt dryer is a new energy efficient dryer that is designed to efficiently use your resources. The belt dryer dries your products quickly, and the compact dryer features up to 70% more energy savings than other models on the market today.

REDUCED LABOR COSTS:TWSIX conveyor belt dryer also has an optional fan for drying the conveyor belt. A revolutionary product that improves the efficiency of your warehouse. Reduce labor costs as the belt dryer requires no human contact. A conveyor belt dryer that eliminates the danger of being injured by falling materials.

REDUCED DOWNTIME: You'll love the TWSIX conveyor belt dryer because it reduces your downtime. The TWSIX dryer is designed to keep your producing line running. The TWSIX belt dryer has a low maintenance, variable speed control that allows you to avoid downtime or costly repairs.

EASY TO INSTALL: A conveyor belt dryer that can be easily installed. Designed for food production, this machine is perfect for those who need a compact and low-maintenance drying solution. TWSIX’s conveyor belt dryer is easy to install, saving you time. With TWSIX's conveyor belt dryer, you can get rid of the annoying time consuming steps of doing the job yourself.

REDUCED COSTS : TWSIX’s belt dryers are your new, inexpensive solution to drying your food. Whether you are an industrial drying specialist, an organic food manufacturer, or an agricultural company, TWSIX has the belt dryer for you. This belt dryer has a option of three different types of belt, which are304 stainless steel  belts. This belt dryer reduces your costs of belt installation, cleaning, and replacement.


use of heat. TWSIX conveyor belt dryers are an affordable solution for drying various materials.    

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