Professional Twesix Chicken Meat Dehydrator Supplier from China -DPHG150S-G manufacturers

Professional Twesix Chicken Meat Dehydrator Supplier from China -DPHG150S-G manufacturers

Drying stage one:

After the chicken enters the drying room, set the drying temperature to 60-65°C, and the drying time is about 4-6 hours. There is no need to dehumidify at this stage. The main purpose is to play a high-temperature fermentation process to control the color and taste of the duck meat.

Drying stage two:

After the dried chicken is dried at 60~65℃ in the early stage, the drying temperature is adjusted to 50~60℃ for drying. During the drying process, the humidity is controlled to ensure that the humidity of the drying room is dried under relatively dry conditions.

Drying the dried chicken should ensure that no oil is produced and the skin shrinks naturally. The total drying time of the dried dried chicken is about 50 to 60 hours. The drying time of the dried dried chicken is slightly different in different regions and different customers.

Drying time of dried chicken should not be too fast, because it needs a short time to dry, it needs to be dried at a higher temperature. When the temperature is too high, the dried Chicken will deteriorate/oil out and shrink in appearance.

Drying stage three:

Cold-air drying-After the dried duck is dried to 50% to 60% dry, the dried duck gradually turns from light red to bright red, and the dried duck begins to shrink slightly. At this stage, the cold wind is turned on to simulate the winter climate conditions, 15℃ cold wind, air drying for about 5-10 hours, At this time, the dried duck is not only well shaped but also milky white in color.

Drying stage four:

Dry dried chicken goes through the control of fermentation period and shrinkage setting period. The later drying temperature is controlled at 45~55℃, humidity is controlled at 30%, and the drying time is about 3 to 5 hours, and the drying humidity is controlled at 12% to 16%. The following can be baked.

The meat dryer is suitable for drying all kinds of meat products. It uses electricity as energy source. The drying environment is hygienic and environmentally friendly. It is not affected by the weather. The drying temperature is arbitrarily adjustable between 5-75℃, saving electricity and drying. Low dry cost, good color and appearance, and long service life. It is a new type of drying equipment, which has the advantages of environmental protection, safety, energy saving, high efficiency and good quality.
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