1.   How to Dry Sausage by Twesix Hot Air Meat Jerky Dryer?

Here are the process:


1. Heating solution. After five to six hours, the temperature rises rapidly to 60 to 65 degrees within two hours after the bundled sausages are loaded into the heat pump unit drying room, without the need for dehumidification. This whole process mainly has a whole process of mellowing, which controls the meat not to lose color and taste. This is what we call the heating link. After the heating time, adjust the temperature to 45 to 50 degrees, and control the ambient humidity within 50% to 55%.

FAQ: The temperature should not be too high when the sausage is air-dried. When the temperature is higher than 65 degrees, the sausage will leak oil. And when the sausage is air-dried, if the temperature is higher than 68 degrees for a long time, the sausage will be rotten.

2. Shaping. Grasp the control of the color period and the gathering and shaping period. The temperature is controlled at 52 to 54 degrees, the ambient humidity is controlled at about 45%, and the time is 3 to 4 hours. The sausage slowly changes from light red to red. The pig casing has just begun to gather. At this time, we must pay attention to the appearance of the shell. It can be applied alternately with cold and heat. The effect is very good.

3. Strengthen drying. The key factor in this process is the temperature, in order to strengthen the drying rate, the temperature should rise to 60 to 62 degrees, the drying time should be controlled at 10 to 12 hours, and the air humidity should be controlled at about 38%. The humidity of the final air drying environment of the sausage is controlled below 17%.

2. The Structure of Hot Air Cabinet Dryer

The cabinet drying machine is composed of heat pump dryer, air duct, drying chamber, circulating fans,stainless steel trolleys, and mesh trays.

3. How does the Hot Air Cabinet Dryer blows Hot Air into the Drying Chamber?



a. Heat Pump provides hot air         b. Circulating Fans blow hot air into drying chamber             c.  The top circulating fans blow the damp and hot air into heat pump  

d. Heat Pump will discharge the damp air outside, dry the air and heat the air again

4.Application Cases

 Herbs Drying Machine

Paper Tubes Drying Equipment

Cabinet Chili Dryer

Flower Freeze Dryer


Sliced Garlic Conveyor Belt Dryer

60 Ton Garlic Conveyor Belt Dryer

10 Ton Chili Continuous Belt Dryer

Stainless Steel Seafood Drying Machine

Continous Noodle Dryer Equipment

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