Noodle Drying Machine

1. The Difference Between Drying Noodles Made of Wheat Flour and Drying Rice Noodles by Twesix Noodle Drying Equipment.

Both noodles made of wheat flour and rice noodles are products for daily food. They have a long history. The same thing is that wheat noodles and rice noodles are dried in a hanging type or plate type, depending on the type of product. So between the two, is drying rice noodles the same as drying noodles, and is there any difference?


In comparison, noodles are easier to break. Rice noodles have better toughness. The initial drying temperature for rice noodles should be between 25℃ and 30℃, and the air humidity should be between 55 and 65%. The drying time is 1 hour. If the heating rate is too fast in the early stages, it is easy to cause the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the rice noodles to be too large, so the toughness decreases, and the rice noodles break easily.

However, drying wheat noodles ,in early drying stage, is different. The initial drying temperature must rapidly rise to 60℃ to 70℃,which can shape the noodles to avoid breaking.


When the internal temperature of rice noodles rises, the internal moisture transfer and surface vaporization are basically balanced, so the temperature can be raised and the humidity lowered at this time to ensure the removal of a large amount of moisture. As the circulating wind in the oven intensifies to transfer heat to the inside of the rice flour, when the moisture on the surface of the rice flour evaporates and spreads into the surrounding dry medium, the moisture on the surface of the rice flour is lower than the moisture inside the rice flour, creating a moisture ladder, and the internal moisture will gradually spread to the surface. The moisture on the surface of the wet rice flour will be carried away by the drying medium, and the internal moisture will spread to the surface and evaporate continuously until the rice flour is dried.


Twesix Noodle Drying Equipment has integrated functions such as dehumidification, drying, cooling, moisture removal, circulating fresh air ventilation, and curve temperature control. The moisture drainage system condenses most of the hot and humid air in the Twesix Drying Oven into water, and the excess water vapor is discharged through the fan.


2. The Structure of Hot Air Cabinet Dryer

The cabinet drying machine is composed of heat pump dryer, air duct, drying chamber, circulating fans,stainless steel trolleys, and mesh trays.

3. How does the Hot Air Cabinet Dryer blows Hot Air into the Drying Chamber?



a. Heat Pump provides hot air         b. Circulating Fans blow hot air into drying chamber             c.  The top circulating fans blow the damp and hot air into heat pump  

d. Heat Pump will discharge the damp air outside, dry the air and heat the air again

4.Application Cases

 Herbs Drying Machine

Paper Tubes Drying Equipment

Cabinet Chili Dryer

Flower Freeze Dryer


Sliced Garlic Conveyor Belt Dryer

60 Ton Garlic Conveyor Belt Dryer

10 Ton Chili Continuous Belt Dryer

Stainless Steel Seafood Drying Machine

Continous Noodle Dryer Equipment

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