Drying Noodles and Meat in Mongolia
Drying Noodles and Meat in Mongolia

The food drying machine project is in Mongolia, which is used in winter. The dryer is mainly used to dry noodles and meat. By using the machine, the clients can dry 4000kg noodles and 1500kg meat one day. Compared with old drying machine, it increases one time output and also saves half electricity.

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The whole drying machine is designed into two major parts such as machine body inside part and the work part outside the operation panel. All driving parts and auxiliary facilities are designed inside the machine. The work part that contact material is set outside the operation panel. The middle part is isolated by multiple sealing. The work part works under a fully closed status, and al parts that contact materials are convenient to assemble, disassemble and clean, so as to effectively avoid dust leakage, lower pollution possibilities and reduce cleaning area, fully meeting GMP requirements for medicine production.

1. functions in one unit, These are compression, crushing and milling.

2. Simplified process to obtain highly stable granules. No water or other liquid is added and no need drying, so the loss of active ingredients due to decomposition can be eliminated.

3. Pressure rollers with a water cooling system;

4. Overall modular design, compact structure, better space utilization;

5. The power area is separated from the work area to prevent cross contamination;

6. Horizontal feeding structure, exposed installation of extrusion system, easy to clean and maintain;

7. Meet GMP requirements

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