Wholesale 1000kg Meat Drying Machine  Jerkey Dehydrator Sausage Dryer DPHG150S-G withgoodprice-Twesix

Wholesale 1000kg Meat Drying Machine Jerkey Dehydrator Sausage Dryer DPHG150S-G withgoodprice-Twesix

Industrial Meat Dryer Beef Jerky Dryer.

The meat dryer can dry beef, pork,chicken,mutton,horse meat.

The meat drying equipment is suitable in different wheather and countries,like Mongolia,Russia, Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan etc.

Twesix Wholesale 1000kg Meat Drying Machine Beef Jerkey Dehydrator Sausage Dryer DPHG150S-G withgoodprice-Twesix,10 years experience in food drying machine

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By TSIX meat dehydrator with hot air, it can  dry meat and pet food as snacks, and also the dryer can retain  the natural vitamins and flavors of food without any added sugars, preservatives, or high-fat additives. Nowadays many food facotory use TSIX  commercial  meat dehydrators dry all types of meat. Besides, some factories use the jerkey dryer to produce food for dogs. 




1.What temperature to dry meat?
Generally it is 30-80 degree
2.How is the quality of your products?
Tsix food drying machines are manufactured strictly according to national and international standard, and we test the machines before shipment. We have got certifications and all kinds of testing reports
3.Can I be your agent or distributor?
Yes, if you want to become our distributor in your place, we are a pleasure that we share profits ,provide technology training.


1.Testing Lab
2.Engineers Team for technical support and after service
3.Copeland compressor and Schneider electronics components
4.10 years experience in food drying machine

About Twesix

A Professional food drying machine manufacturer and food drying solution provider since 2014.We mainly manufacture”Tsix”series products like air source heat pump food dryer,industrial food dehydrator and also air to water source heat pump for drinking water. Our machines are exported to dozens of countries and areas such as the Britain,Australia, Middle East, India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia,Brazil, Russia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and South Africa, etc Besides, we have our labs,which can test the capacity and performance of machines,which guarantee the quality to our clients.

meat drying machine Jerkey Dehydrator Sausage Dryer Meat Drying Machine
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