Best 1500kg Noodle Dryer Rice Noodle Drying Machine DPHG050S-G FactoryPrice-Twesix

Best 1500kg Noodle Dryer Rice Noodle Drying Machine DPHG050S-G FactoryPrice-Twesix

Noodle Dryer can dry rice noodle,wheat noodle,potato noodles and dehydrated zucchini noodles'

Generally the noodles drying machine can finish drying from 6-10 hours. It enormously improves output for noodles factories.

No more unreliable drying process. Reliable, fast and energy saving drying. Developed for you- special low temperature, heat pump based technology.noodle dehydrator dry noodle at low and middle temperatures, which dry the noodle better. The dried noodle do not change any of its nutritional value

Twesix Best 1500kg Noodle Dryer Rice Noodle Drying Machine DPHG050S-G FactoryPrice-Twesix,Copeland compressor and Schneider electronics components

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 There are thousands of noodles in the world. But the noodles mainly are made of wheat, rice, potato and have different shapes. Therefore by same noodle dryer, the drying processes are different. Noodles made of wheat powder, at the first drying period, the temperature must be high to shape the noodles. For rice noodles, the drying temperature will be different. The temperature will be low while the dehumidifying is essential.

Or the rice noodles will be easily broken. More noodles drying process,please contact our sales.

The Components to Match the Drying Equipment

Heat Pump Dryer to Provide Hot Air              Drying Room Panel ( Polyurethane foaming)


Fan wall(fan can staind high temperature and anticorrosion)   201or 304 Stainless Steel Trolley 

Mesh Tray Used in Drying Machine                       Silicon Mat to Prevent Fruit or Meat Sticked into the Tray


1.Can I just purchase some components of the drying equipment?
Yes, if you have had some components, you can prepare by yourself. But with the heat pump dryer and fan wall, please purchase from us
2.Can I use other materials in drying room
Yes, you can build the drying room by bricks, rock wool panel or  polyurethane foaming panel.Before placing orders, please confirm with us
3.What is the MOQ?
The MOQ is 1 unit


1.Engineers Team for technical support and after service
2.Factory, do OEM/ODM orders
3.Copeland compressor and Schneider electronics components
4.10 years experience in food drying machine

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A Professional food drying machine manufacturer and food drying solution provider since 2014.We mainly manufacture”Tsix”series products like air source heat pump food dryer,industrial food dehydrator and also air to water source heat pump for drinking water. Our machines are exported to dozens of countries and areas such as the Britain,Australia, Middle East, India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia,Brazil, Russia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and South Africa, etc Besides, we have our labs,which can test the capacity and performance of machines,which guarantee the quality to our clients.

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