Industrial Fruit Dryer Machine to Dehydrate tomato limon  Apple DPHG150S-G

Industrial Fruit Dryer Machine to Dehydrate tomato limon Apple DPHG150S-G

Want a fruit dryer machine to meet all your requirments to food? We have the best food dehydrated machine for you.These machines are suitable in food plant, farms, shops, restaurants with multifuntions,which can dry fruits,vegetables,meat,fish,etc. More techinical details, pls contact us!

Twesix Customized TSIX Industrial Fruit Dryer Machine to Dehydrate tomato limon and Apple -DPHG150S-G manufacturers FromChina,Engineers Team for technical support and after service

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Dried tomato is rich in fiber and calories,which is used to do snacks or salad. The TSIX tomato dryer dry fresh tomato at low and middle temperature,which dry tomato better. By TSIX drying machine,  the dried tomato doesn’t change the color and nutrition.The scent of the dried tomato is preserved and the taste is better. It is good to used as organic food.



How to Dry Tomato by TSIX tomato dryer

1. Wash the tomatoes.

2. Cut the tomatoes into slices.

3. Place  the slices on the trays one by one, let them keep a small distance between each other.

4. Put into the TSIX tomato dryer,divide the drying process into 2 or 3 periods, Set the target temperature at 30 degree C to 60 degree C and relative humidity 10% after about 10~12 hours, the tomatoes will finish drying.


Different thickness of the sliced tomatoes  will have different dehydrating time, more thinner, the dehydrating time will be shorter. The dried tomato slices will absorb moisture from, so a sealed package is required. If you use vacuum packaging, you can better preserve the dried tomato


1.Can I be your agent or distributor?
Yes, if you want to become our distributor in your place, we are a pleasure that we share profits ,provide technology training.
2.Are you a factory or trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer of food drying machine for . We have own brand Tsix drying machine production line. We own both of Domestic and international sales department.
3.Where are your clients from
Asia, Europe,Africa, South America, New Zeland,Austrilia etc


1.Testing Lab
2.10 years experience in food drying machine
3.Copeland compressor and Schneider electronics components
4.Factory, do OEM/ODM orders

About Twesix

A Professional food drying machine manufacturer and food drying solution provider since 2014.We mainly manufacture”Tsix”series products like air source heat pump food dryer,industrial food dehydrator and also air to water source heat pump for drinking water. Our machines are exported to dozens of countries and areas such as the Britain,Australia, Middle East, India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia,Brazil, Russia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and South Africa, etc Besides, we have our labs,which can test the capacity and performance of machines,which guarantee the quality to our clients.

Industrial Fruit Dryer Machine tomato dryer
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