Pet Treat Dryer Beef Jerky Dryer with Hot Air TSIX DPHG050S-G

Pet Treat Dryer Beef Jerky Dryer with Hot Air TSIX DPHG050S-G

TSIX meat air dryer can dry beef, pork, chicken and many meat. Generally drying meat can't use high temperature at first period. In a meat dryer, setting 40-50degree to dry and dehumdifying and at the final period, 60degree temperature is better. The hot air dryer is good choice to pet treats food factory,which can produce jerkey and bones covered with beef or chicken for dogs.

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                                                                                                                  How to Make Chicken Jerky for Dogs in a Dehydrator

         Dogs are our lovely families. They care for us and love us. We should provide good and safe food with nutritions to our lovely family. Jerky made of beef, chicken, fish etc are common in the market. How to make chicken jerky for our dogs in a dehydrator.The dehydrated machine plays a key important. The TSIX dog treat dehydrator uses  low and middle temperature to dry chicken jerky, which dry the dog treat better. With the dryer,the chicken jerky does not change any of its nutritional value. The scent of the dog treat is preserved and the taste is better.

How to dry chicken jerky for dogs by TSIX dryer

1. Prepare skinless chicken breasts and trim off the fat

2. Slicing  the breasts into thick pieces

3. Layout the sliced breasts  on TSIX dehydrator traysand dry for 3 – 12 hours,set the temperature at 40-60 degree C

4. Ater finish the drying, sealing pack the dried breasts well


The drying time depends on the thickness of sliced breasts. More thinner, shorter the drying time. Besides, at early drying periods, we don't suggest to using high temperature to dry. Or the moisture inside the meat can't be removed and the exterior will be very dried.That means the dried chicken jerkey is not good.

                                                                                                                                                The Components of Lemon Dryer

TSIX food drying machine is called hot air dryer and the working temperature is 30-80degree C.The drying equipment is composed of dryer, fan, fan rack, partition board, drying chamber, trolley and trays. The dryer is refrigerant system,which is composed of compressor, heat exchanger, and other refrigerant parts. The fan used in food drying equipment must stand high temperature and anti-corrosion. The material of fan rack in food process machine had better be stainless steel. The material of partition board and drying chamber is 10cm Polyurethane foaming,which is good material applied in food industry. Generally don't advice other materials like Rock wool board. The trolley and trays are stainless steel. With the tray, some use food grade plastic tray,which is cheap.

Pet Treat Dryer Beef Jerky Dryer jerky dehydrator
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