HighQuality Turmeric Dryer with Hot Air TSIX  DPHG080S-G Wholesale TSIX

HighQuality Turmeric Dryer with Hot Air TSIX DPHG080S-G Wholesale TSIX

Turmeric can be used as spice and also medicinal herb. In Asia espercially in India, Thailand,Sri Lanka etc, turmeric are widely planted.Generally clients dry the turmeric to make powder,which is used in curry. How to dry turmeric by the dehydrator? Generally to make the powder, before drying, the turmeric will be sliced and then put them into the drying equipment.Then setting the drying temperature and drying time which is good to dry turmeric. More details, please contact TSIX sales.

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Turmeric is a spice,which is commonly used in Asian food. Also it can be used as herbs. Generally before food and herbs, Drying is essential. Tsix  turmeric dehdyrator can dry the herb at low and temperauture,which can improve the efffciency of production and also keep its nutrition and medicinal ingredients.Besides, by using Tsix dryer, it can rise the turmeric in value,which can brings income to farms.


How to Dry  Turmeric by TSIX Herb Dryer?



1. Select good turmeric ,and clean

2.  Slice the turmeric into 2-3mm thickenss pieces

3. Put the sliced turmeric into the boiler or hot water for boiling and cooking for sevral minuts, and then take them out from the boiler

4. Place the slices on the trays one by one and push trolleys into Tsix drying equipment

5. Set the temperature at 45-70 degree C, and the drying periods are divided into 2 or 3 periods

6. After 8-12hours, the drying is finished.

Because the dried turmeric will be made into spices or herb. So the drying temperature can't be high. Or the herb ingredients will be damaged. More details about drying turmeric by Tsix Dryer, please contact our sales!

How does the Heat Pump Dryer Work?

TSIX heat pump dryer is the heat pump to get high temperature. The

compressor makes the coolant as high temp. and high pressure gas, it

releases the heating energy and becomes liquid when pass

the condenser with the fan running,

this heating energy goes to raise up the air temperature at the drying room. The

water inside of the goods to be dried becomes steam by the hot air, and this

steam is taken away by the exhaust system,

the goods will be tried by doing that again and again.

We have the heating-reuse system to heat up the refresh air from outside, that

can save energy of preheating the fresh air about 60% - 70%.

Product Parameters

The Components of TSIX Drying Equipment

A whole drying equipment contains dryer, drying chamber, fan wall with fans, trolleys and trays

       Heat Pump Dryer                                                        Drying Room                                                 Fall Wall

                 Trolley                                                                Mesh Tray

The Components of Heat Pump Dryer

The heat pump dryer is composed of condenser, heat exchanger, electronic expansion valve, PLC controller, compressor etc

                        Heat Pump Dryer                                                         Components of Heat Pump Dryer

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