Noodles Dryer Machine to Dry Rice Noodle and Potato Noodle DPHG080S-G Tsix

Noodles Dryer Machine to Dry Rice Noodle and Potato Noodle DPHG080S-G Tsix

In the world, noodle is mainly made of rice, potato and wheat flour. So there are rice noodle, potato noodle,paste or spaghetti.If Drying different noodles, the drying process like temperature is different. Tsix noodle dryer machine dehydrators noodles at low and middle temeprature,which dry noodles better. Besides, our noodle dehydrator has dehumidifying funtion. So the quality of noodle can be guarantee. By our noodle dryer, the dried noodle doesn't change the nutiritions and the taste is better.

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Noodles made of different materials, the drying process will be different. In the market, there are mainly three raw materials to make noodles like rice, wheat and potato. Therefore, that depends on the temperature and drying time. By TSIX noodles dryer, it can dry different noodels made of different raw materials. Only setting different drying process in TSIX dehydrated machine for different noodles. More noodles dehydrated process, please contact our sales! Today taking drying rice noodles as an example

How to Dry  Rice Noodle  by TSIX Noodles Dryer


1.Put rice noodles on the tray or hange noodles on the rack,then push the racks into Tsix dryer chamber

2.Set the temperature at 16℃,humidity 55%~65% for 30minutes. Do not rise up  temperature. Using cool air to to shape noodles, and remove the moisture in the surface of noodles

3.Rise up the temperature gradually, set temperature at 30℃~35℃,humidity 75%-85% for 30~40 minutes.

4.Rise up the temperature and down the humidity.Set the temperature at 35℃~45℃,humidity 65% at 90 minutes.

5.Down the temperature and heat dissipation. reduce the moisture content of the noodles slowly ,and continue to remove fractional moisture.

The temperature,moisture, air flow in drying rice noodles are very important. At early drying periods, the temperature must not be high. Setting too high temperature in the drying machine, it will cause the noodles are broken without being dried. At the final periods, the temperature still can't be high or the noodles are easily broken. After the noodle are finished drying, pack well to preserve the noodles to absorb moisture from the air

How does the Heat Pump Dryer Work?

TSIX heat pump dryer is the heat pump to get high temperature. The

compressor makes the coolant as high temp. and high pressure gas, it

releases the heating energy and becomes liquid when pass

the condenser with the fan running,

this heating energy goes to raise up the air temperature at the drying room. The

water inside of the goods to be dried becomes steam by the hot air, and this

steam is taken away by the exhaust system,

the goods will be tried by doing that again and again.

We have the heating-reuse system to heat up the refresh air from outside, that

can save energy of preheating the fresh air about 60% - 70%.

Product Parameters

The Components of TSIX Drying Equipment

A whole drying equipment contains dryer, drying chamber, fan wall with fans, trolleys and trays

       Heat Pump Dryer                                                        Drying Room                                                 Fall Wall

                 Trolley                                                                Mesh Tray

The Components of Heat Pump Dryer

The heat pump dryer is composed of condenser, heat exchanger, electronic expansion valve, PLC controller, compressor etc

                        Heat Pump Dryer                                                         Components of Heat Pump Dryer

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