Saving Energy Electrical Fish Dryer from China DPHG150S-X TSIX

Saving Energy Electrical Fish Dryer from China DPHG150S-X TSIX

Electric fish dryer, compared with traditional fish dryer, can save energy. Guarateeing the insulation of the drying time, the dryer machine can recycles the hot air to dry the fish.If drying 1000kg fish,traditional dryer will consume 29-35kw per hour but TSIX heat pump dryer only consumes 17-20kw per hour.

DEHUMIDIFIER: features a special drying process that captures moisture from the fish while drying it slowly. The TWSIX Fish Dryer can dehumidify and cool down your area and lower the humidity to 10% with its cold air and is great for drying fish large or small.

HEAT RECOVERY: introduces it in the product. Widely use in the industry of processing and drying, such as: 1. Fish 2. Fish fillet 3. Squid 4. Crab 5

LOW TEMPERATURE: It's the best time of the year to dry your fish. TWSIX Fish Dryer can help you dry your fish quickly and efficiently by utilizing low temperature. The TWSIX fish dryer is perfect for preserving the taste and nutritional value of your fish. The low-temperature drying is gentle and fast. Product features: The TWSIX dryer is a one-channel fish dryer.

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Drying fish is generally required to use  relatively low temperature to dry, which can avoid the high temperature affecting the quality of the  dried fish. Fish contains rich oil and fat,which exist inside moisture.Therefore by common dryer, it is very difficult to remove moisure inside the fish.  and controlling dehydrated rate is critical. Rapid drying,means high temperature,  will destroy the ingredients of the fish, so the drying temperature can't be high and the drying time will be  be longer. TSIX heat pump fish dryer is suitable to dry  all kinds of freshwater fish and marine fish. It dry fish at low and middle temperatures, which dry the fish better. The dried fish do not change any of its nutritional value. 

How to Dehydrate Fish by TSIX Freeze Fish Dryer?

1. Hang the fish onto the stainless steel racks

2. Set the temperature at 25 degrees Celsius for 10 to 15 hours, so that the fish shrink, and removing a portion of the water;

3. Adjust temperature to 45 degrees Celsius and dry for 10 hours to start strong drying process;

4. Low down temperature to 25 degrees Celsius to dry for 6 to 8 hours, at this process, the moisture which contain in the inner parts of the fish can release to the surface.

5. Dry in 50 degrees Celsius for 10-12 hours.

6. Finished the drying, wait for the temperature cold down, checking the quality and ready for packing

Drying fish is not easy because fish is riched with protein. Tsix heat pump fish dryer can imitate natural cool air to dry fish,which can improve the effciency of drying fish and also can guarantee the quality of dried fish.

How does the Heat Pump Dryer Work?

TSIX heat pump dryer is the heat pump to get high temperature. The

compressor makes the coolant as high temp. and high pressure gas, it

releases the heating energy and becomes liquid when pass

the condenser with the fan running,

this heating energy goes to raise up the air temperature at the drying room. The

water inside of the goods to be dried becomes steam by the hot air, and this

steam is taken away by the exhaust system,

the goods will be tried by doing that again and again.

We have the heating-reuse system to heat up the refresh air from outside, that

can save energy of preheating the fresh air about 60% - 70%.

Product Parameters

The Components of TSIX Drying Equipment

A whole drying equipment contains dryer, drying chamber, fan wall with fans, trolleys and trays

       Heat Pump Dryer                                                        Drying Room                                                 Fall Wall

                 Trolley                                                                Mesh Tray

The Components of Heat Pump Dryer

The heat pump dryer is composed of condenser, heat exchanger, electronic expansion valve, PLC controller, compressor etc

                        Heat Pump Dryer                                                         Components of Heat Pump Dryer

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