Professional Mesh Trays Sheets manufacturers

Professional Mesh Trays Sheets manufacturers

Mesh tray sheets can be used for drying food items such as fruit,vegetables,seafood,flowers etc.,which can help the food items get more hot air through the dehydrators’ mesh trays. Moreover, they’re great for drying a variety of fruits and vegetables as they allow air to flow through the small holes, and offer a quick clean-up alternative to the removing and washing the stainless steel trays.

Foods simply peel off after drying and clean-up is so easy.The tray sheets are only required  a quick rinse under water or a wipe down with a damp cloth.

Tray sheets are BPA free.The materials are food grade,201 and 304stainless steel. so you don’t have to worry about any nasties coming into contact with your food, and they’re reusable so you can continue to use them time and time again.

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1. Stainless Steel Mesh Tray Introduction


●Adopt stainless steel material like 201ss,304ss,316ss, the surface processing electrolytic polishing processing, durable, bright as a mirror, no rust, no variant.
●Using the micro resistance welding and seamless welding technology, make the product without solder joints, welding injury, no burrs, no loss, safe use.
●Design of water and steam permeation mesh to ensure cleaning and sterilizing effect

●Mesh tray widely used in food dehydrator, bakery oven and vacuum freeze dryer


2.Stainless Steel Mesh Tray Feature 

●Non-toxic, anti-corrosive
●Durable, do not rust
●Good quality, preferential price
●High temperature resistant
●Environmental protection
●Corrosion resistance, easy to clean

3.Stainless Steel Mesh Tray Feature 

●Strong and durable bearing capacity
●Polishing treatment , very long service life
●Suitable in drying fruit,vegetable,seafood,meat etc 
●Waterproof, moistureproof and antirust
●It can be designed and customized according to the requirements of load capacity, shape and size, etc.

3. Application of Mesh Trays

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