China Customized  Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator Trolley Drying Racks manufacturers - Twesix

China Customized Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator Trolley Drying Racks manufacturers - Twesix

Multi-purpose trolley racks for holding and storing 800*600mm or 1200*800mm pans or trays. The mobile trolley racks are designed for booler, freezer,drying oven, and bakery oven applications.Made of stainless steel,and lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion. Tray slides or holders are welded to the rack frame. Bottom load ledge design.Casters of the trolley carts are securely bolted to frame to facilitate  replacements.These high-quality stainless steel racks are corrosion resistant, waterproof and designed for time savings and easy cleanup, making them an absolute must.All welding joints of the trolley racks are full penetration welds,which are much stronger and more resistant to bending or warping.Stainless steel drying racks are engineered and load tested for 300 kg.If need more loading, the drying racks can be customized.

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1. Description of Food Drying Trolley Made of Stainless Steel

●The trolleys with trays' material is food grade stainless steel like 201,304 and 316 stainless steel, which it will be not any problem under working temperature 300℃.

● It can be detachable, so it is easy to be transported and also save shipping cost.
●Using the micro resistance welding and seamless welding technology, make the product without solder joints, welding injury, no burrs, no loss, safe use.
●Design of water and steam permeation mesh to ensure cleaning and sterilizing effect

●Trolley racks widely used in food dehydrator, bakery oven and vacuum freeze dryerand food steaming machine


2. Application of Mobile Trolley Carts


  Used in Food Drying Machine/Food Dehydrator/Fruit Dehydrator/Flowers Dryer Machine

Bread Baking Trolley or Bread Baking Carts

Steaming Trolley for Rice or Steam Carts for Steaming Machine

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