Professional Industrial Green Leaves Drying Machine with Low Temperature manufacturers

Professional Industrial Green Leaves Drying Machine with Low Temperature manufacturers

How to keep the leaves green while drying the herbs is a big problem for clients.Traditionally clients use electrical coil dryer or gas dryer, but these machines can't dehumidify and guarantee low temperature.Therfore by using these dryers, it is very difficult to keep the same color of leaves or herbs.

The air source heat pump dryer not only can provide hot air but also can dehumidify. Besides, it also can be low temperature below 30 ℃. By dehumidifying, the moisture inside herbs or leaves are slowly removed without damage the color or the ingredient. Besides, the heat pump dryer also own heat recovery,which can recover the heat to dry herbs or leaves again.Compared with other traditional dryer, it can save 60% to 70% energy.

Meanwhile, in heat pump dryer, e-humidity sensor and e-temperature sensor are installed. The precision can be controlled within ±0.1℃.

  The drying model also plays an important role in drying herbs or leaves.We are very experienced in that. When our clients do drying tests, we will provie these data to them. So it can improve their products' quality

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Twesix heat pump dryer is the heat pump to get high temperature. The compressor makes the coolant as high temp. and high  pressure gas, it releases the heating energy and becomes liquid  when pass the condenser with the fan running, this heating energy goes to raise up the air temperature at the  drying room. The water inside of the goods to be dried  becomes steam by the hot air, and this steam is taken away by  the exhaust system, the goods will be tried by doing that again and again. We have the heating-reuse system to heat up the refresh air  from outside, that can save energy of preheating the fresh air  about 60% - 70%.
What Can We Dry?

Цветы& Листья                                                                             Мясо

Roses, jasmine, lotus, lily, day  lily, chrysanthemums, osmanthus, honeysuckle and so on                    sausage, spareribs, duck,  beef, mutton, chicken, pork,  sauced duck, meat products and  скоро


Seafood Shrimps                                                                      Фрукты

 fishes, sea horses,  kelp and so on                                                         Apples, mangoes, pitayas,  peaches, apricots, plums, grape,  wolfberry, black wolfberry,  jujube, litchi and so on

Параметры продукта

Особенности продукта
Specilaze in IC for around 14 years
100% Tested before sale
Cooperate with over 35 famous brands from domestic and international market
Competitive and reasonable price
Abundant inventory and short lead time about 3-7 days
18 months warranty
24hrs supports from our sales and R&D team
Competitive and reasonable price
Преимущества компании
Factory, do OEM/ODM orders
Passed many certificates
Testing Lab
Engineers Team for technical support and after service
Наши сервисы
1.OEM or ODM are acceptable.
2.We accept small order/trial order for customer to check whether the products is suitable for the market.
3.Will be available online almot in 24 hours service for your esteemed company.
4.We are glad to hear from you soon and to start a business relationship with your esteem company.

Преимущества компании

Copeland compressor and Schneider electronics components


Passed many certificates


Customized Machine


Testing Lab


1. Вы заводская или торговая компания?
We are a professional manufacturer of food drying machine for . We have own brand Tsix drying machine production line. We own both of Domestic and international sales department.
2.Where are your clients from
Asia, Europe,Africa, South America, New Zeland,Austrilia etc
3. Могу ли я быть вашим агентом или дистрибьютором?
Да, если вы хотите стать нашим дистрибьютором на вашем месте, мы приятно, что мы делимся прибылью, предоставляем технологию обучения.


1. Проводит многофункциональный машины
2. Экспецированная машина
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О Twesix.

Профессиональная машина для продовольствия продовольствия и провайдера для сушки продовольствия с 2014 года. Мы в основном производят продукты серии «TSIX», такие как тепловой сушилка для источника воздуха, промышленный пищевой дегидратор, а также воздух в тепловой насос для питьевой воды. Наши машины экспортируются в десятки стран и областей, таких как Великобритания, Австралия, Ближний Восток, Индия, Сингапур, Таиланд, Малайзия, Бразилия, Россия, Узбекистан, Монголия и Южная Африка и т. Д. Кроме того, у нас есть наши лаборатории, которые могут проверить емкость и производительность машин, которые гарантируют качество нашим клиентам.

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