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  • Fish Skins Dog Treats Dehydator and Dehumidifier DPHG150S-X
    Fish Skins Dog Treats Dehydator and Dehumidifier DPHG150S-X
    Fish skins dehydrated is very important,which decides the proteins and nutritions the dried fish skins contain.By Tsix' dehydrator and dehumidifier, the dried fish skins are not only rich in nutiriton but also chews,which can help clean teeth and support healty gums to dogs.Drying pet treats,the machine not only owns heating, drying, cooling and dehumidifying functions. Without the these funtions, the machine can't dehydrate good treats for pets.PERFECT FOR DEHYDRATING AND PRESERVING: The TWSIX Dog Treats Dehydrator and Dehumidifier is perfect for anyone with a dog. This machine is incredibly efficient for dehydrating and preserving treats. It has a unique design which is free of BPA. TWSIX Dehydrator and Dehumidifier is a must have for pet parents. It is perfect for dehydrating and preserving your pet's favorite snacks. It is portable enough to fit in your pocket.GREAT FOR A VARIETY OF MEATS, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: Say goodbye to freezer burn with this amazing dehydrator and dehumidifier. Product features: Great for a variety of meats, fruits and vegetables.EASY TO USE: wait for the dehydrator to do its thing. Product description: This dehydrator and dehumidifier will make your dog's favorite treats last longer.
  • 1000-1500kg Pet Treats Drying Machine Installation in New York
    1000-1500kg Pet Treats Drying Machine Installation in New York
    Congratulations! The first sample, pet treats drying machine installed !!! The supplier is from New York,which professionally manufactures pet treats
  • TSIX Best Meat Jerky Dehydrator for Dog Treats -DPHG050S-G
    TSIX Best Meat Jerky Dehydrator for Dog Treats -DPHG050S-G
    Meat jerky is a protein chew made from beef, chicken and is good alternative to bully sticks or jerkys for dogs. By Tsix Jerky dehydrator, the beef and chicken are dried by hot air, and the temperature is 25 to 75 degree C, which is best temperature range to dry food. By using the meat dehydrator, it is not only retain the nutritions but also the jerkey can be chew. .SAFTY:  The dryer is an ideal option for dehydrating meat snacks such as pork, beef, chicken and fish in food factories or farms. With an elegant appearance, this dehydrator is perfect for dehydrating meat jerky.  It is s safe for cooking and easy to clean.Saving Labor Cost: Setting drying process into PLC  operation screen, automatic stop ENERGY-SAVING: food well-protected and give it a rich, juicy taste. The TWSIX Jerky Dehydrator owns a heat recovery that circulate the hot air to dry food. With its energy saving feature, you can use it for making the best quality jerky from your meat.
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