Conveyor Belt for Dryer

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  • Conveyor Belt Dryer with Dehumidifier Conveyor Belt Dryer with Dehumidifier
    白色简约图片展示.The dryer with belt conveyor and dehumdifier.The continuous belt dryer generally is customized as clients' requirments for large capacity. The belt dryer can dry fruit, vegetable, seafood, meat etc.Generally the materails are made of stainless steel.In the market, the conveyor bet is connected with boiler, gas and electrical heating tubes,which  waste too energy and money. Nowadays, air source heat pump dryer is connected to the belt conveyor becuase the dryer owns heat rocovery funtions. So it can save 60-70% energy,which is best choice for food factories.  Besides, the air source heat pump dryer owns dehumidifying funtion,which can guarantee the quality of dried food.

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