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  • Food Grade Mesh Metal Trolley for Food Drying Oven
    Food Grade Mesh Metal Trolley for Food Drying Oven
    This kind of trays is made from stainless steel like 201,304 and 316 stainless steel. The sheet is wire mesh. The mesh size can be 1.5*1.5mm,3*3mm and 5.*5mm.Amd the mesh hole size and thickness of the stainless steel sheet is customized as per requirement.usually the material of mesh tray is stainless steel 304,which is food grade. other kind of material ,such as carbon steel,316 stainless steel,iron coated with painting is OK in special applications.the size of metal mesh tray can be 800mmX600mm,600mmX400mm,the height is 20mm,25mm or more higher,other size can be customized.The mesh  metal tray is widely used as  fruit dehydration ,fruit and vegetable  washing and drying,meat baking,pet food baking.Stainless steel 304  mesh baked tray is corrossion resistant,high temperature resistant and easy to wash,can be used  many times
  • Professional Mesh Trays Sheets manufacturers
    Professional Mesh Trays Sheets manufacturers
    Mesh tray sheets can be used for drying food items such as fruit,vegetables,seafood,flowers etc.,which can help the food items get more hot air through the dehydrators’ mesh trays. Moreover, they’re great for drying a variety of fruits and vegetables as they allow air to flow through the small holes, and offer a quick clean-up alternative to the removing and washing the stainless steel trays.Foods simply peel off after drying and clean-up is so easy.The tray sheets are only required  a quick rinse under water or a wipe down with a damp cloth.Tray sheets are BPA free.The materials are food grade,201 and 304stainless steel. so you don’t have to worry about any nasties coming into contact with your food, and they’re reusable so you can continue to use them time and time again.
  • Customized  Non-Stick 304Stainless Steel  Baking Mesh Trays Manufacturers - Twesix
    Customized Non-Stick 304Stainless Steel Baking Mesh Trays Manufacturers - Twesix
    These trays,made of 304 stainless steel, coated with teflon, can avoid being sticked while drying food or baking bread. The raw materials of mesh trays are approved by RoHS and REACH. The teflon coating has passed FDA and ROHS,which make the non-stick mesh trays food-grade,and safety.The teflon coating trays are widely used in food drying machine, drying oven,bakery oven,bread baking oven and food freeze machine. While drying, baking or freezing, food like fruit,vegetable,meat,seafood, will stick onto trays. Therefore, the teflon tray can solve the issue. Also for freezing food, the stainless steel mesh tray is coated teflon,which can deeply and quickly freeze to guarantee the freshness and nutrition.For drying food, the non-stick mesh tray enlarge the drying surface of food,which can solve the issue by common bakery pan. For baking bread, the mesh tray coated teflon can efficiently bake bread.
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