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  • Best Industrial Spaghetti Drying Machine to Dry Pasta or Spaghetti DPHG150S-G Tsix FactoryPrice- Best Industrial Spaghetti Drying Machine to Dry Pasta or Spaghetti DPHG150S-G Tsix FactoryPrice-
    Pasta or spaghetti is a staple food of tradtional Italian cuisine.  It is made of miled wheat,water,or some items enriched with vitamins and minerals.  Because it is mainly made of wheat. Therefore, at first early stages, the temperature is very important to shape the noodle. By Tsis noodle dryer, it can set low and middle temperature to dry the spghetti. It is not only shape but also retain the nutition.
  • Drying Noodles and Meat in Mongolia Drying Noodles and Meat in Mongolia
    The food drying machine project is in Mongolia, which is used in winter. The dryer is mainly used to dry noodles and meat. By using the machine, the clients can dry 4000kg noodles and 1500kg meat one day. Compared with old drying machine, it increases one time output and also saves half electricity.
  • Industrial Noodle Dryer Popular in Asia DPHG150S-G Tsix Industrial Noodle Dryer Popular in Asia DPHG150S-G Tsix
    The drying time of dried noodles is an important condition to ensure the quality of dried noodles, and should be no less than 3 and a half hours. The drying time is short, it is easy to cause the noodles to "dry on the outside and damp inside" and shrink on the inside and outside, and even produce crisp noodles. If the drying time is too long, the production efficiency will be low. Drying equipment for dried noodles is classified according to the movement mode of the noodles during the drying process. There are fixed and mobile types; the mobile type is divided into two types: multi-row operation (tunnel type) and single-row operation (cableway type). The moisture conductivity of dried noodles is relatively poor. Therefore, the moisture and heat transfer inside the noodles just coming out of the drying room will not stop suddenly, but gradually weaken until the temperature of the outer layer of the noodles and the outside air are relatively balanced, the moisture will be stable, and the tissue shape will be fixed. This process is called slow-cooking of dried noodles in the process. The slow-down time should not be less than 12 hours.By Twsix noodle dryer, it can control the temperature and humidity exactly

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