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The product features high efficiency. The ammonia refrigerant used has a prominent cooling capacity, which is better than other refrigerants. .
We aim to provide the highest quality freeze fish dryer.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
  • Saving Energy Electrical Fish Dryer from China DPHG150S-X TSIX
    Saving Energy Electrical Fish Dryer from China DPHG150S-X TSIX
    Electric fish dryer, compared with traditional fish dryer, can save energy. Guarateeing the insulation of the drying time, the dryer machine can recycles the hot air to dry the fish.If drying 1000kg fish,traditional dryer will consume 29-35kw per hour but TSIX heat pump dryer only consumes 17-20kw per hour.DEHUMIDIFIER: features a special drying process that captures moisture from the fish while drying it slowly. The TWSIX Fish Dryer can dehumidify and cool down your area and lower the humidity to 10% with its cold air and is great for drying fish large or small.HEAT RECOVERY: introduces it in the product. Widely use in the industry of processing and drying, such as: 1. Fish 2. Fish fillet 3. Squid 4. Crab 5LOW TEMPERATURE: It's the best time of the year to dry your fish. TWSIX Fish Dryer can help you dry your fish quickly and efficiently by utilizing low temperature. The TWSIX fish dryer is perfect for preserving the taste and nutritional value of your fish. The low-temperature drying is gentle and fast. Product features: The TWSIX dryer is a one-channel fish dryer.
  • Stainless Steel Seafood Dryer Manufacturer DPHG150S-X TSIX
    Stainless Steel Seafood Dryer Manufacturer DPHG150S-X TSIX
    TSIX Fish dryer is called as air source heat pump dryer,which imitates natural air to dry fish.Because most seafood is enriched with protein,oil,fat and water. Some ingredients like protein, oil and fat are eaily damaged by high temperature and also is very difficult to remove moisture. By tradtional fish dryer, it hardly guarantee the quality and nutrition of dried fish. TSIX freeze fish dryer can discharge 25-75 degree C air,which is suitable to dry fish without any damage. More details, please contact our sales!LABOR COST SAVING: The TWSIX Seafood Dryer is a labor saving, cost effective way to dry your seafood. TWSIX Seafood Dryer is a labor-saving equipment. You can start this machine, and let your staff do other work. The machine will automatically stop after finishing the dryingHEAT RECOVERY: The TWSIX Seafood Dryer's heat recovery function can dry your seafood with less power.DEHUMIDIFIER: effective and economical solution to extending the shelf-life of seafood products by removing water and enhancing the flavor of the food. The TWSIX Seafood Dryer is the best way to dry and preserve your seafood. It is a dehumidifier and a food saver and it is a drying machine.
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