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  • Stainless Steel Seafood Dryer Manufacturer DPHG150S-X TSIX Stainless Steel Seafood Dryer Manufacturer DPHG150S-X TSIX
    TSIX Fish dryer is called as air source heat pump dryer,which imitates natural air to dry fish.Because most seafood is enriched with protein,oil,fat and water. Some ingredients like protein, oil and fat are eaily damaged by high temperature and also is very difficult to remove moisture. By tradtional fish dryer, it hardly guarantee the quality and nutrition of dried fish. TSIX freeze fish dryer can discharge 25-75 degree C air,which is suitable to dry fish without any damage. More details, please contact our sales!LABOR COST SAVING: The TWSIX Seafood Dryer is a labor saving, cost effective way to dry your seafood. TWSIX Seafood Dryer is a labor-saving equipment. You can start this machine, and let your staff do other work. The machine will automatically stop after finishing the dryingHEAT RECOVERY: The TWSIX Seafood Dryer's heat recovery function can dry your seafood with less power.DEHUMIDIFIER: effective and economical solution to extending the shelf-life of seafood products by removing water and enhancing the flavor of the food. The TWSIX Seafood Dryer is the best way to dry and preserve your seafood. It is a dehumidifier and a food saver and it is a drying machine.
  • Noodles Dryer Machine to Dry Rice Noodle and Potato Noodle DPHG080S-G Tsix Noodles Dryer Machine to Dry Rice Noodle and Potato Noodle DPHG080S-G Tsix
    In the world, noodle is mainly made of rice, potato and wheat flour. So there are rice noodle, potato noodle,paste or spaghetti.If Drying different noodles, the drying process like temperature is different. Tsix noodle dryer machine dehydrators noodles at low and middle temeprature,which dry noodles better. Besides, our noodle dehydrator has dehumidifying funtion. So the quality of noodle can be guarantee. By our noodle dryer, the dried noodle doesn't change the nutiritions and the taste is better.
  • 500kg Ginger Drying Machine Commercial Vegetable Drying Machine -DPHG050S-G 500kg Ginger Drying Machine Commercial Vegetable Drying Machine -DPHG050S-G
    Ginger is one of spices in many countries food. Besides, the ginger can be made into oil, herb and cosmetics.  Before making ginger into these products, drying ginger is essential by ginger dehydrator. The TSIX ginger dryer dry fresh ginger at low and middle temperatures, which can remain the ingredient at most,which can help the food ,medicine or cosmetics company collect the ingredients. The dried ginger do not change any of its nutritional value. The scent of the ginger is preserved and the taste is better.
  • Stainless Steel Bakery Trolley with 32 trays Stainless Steel Bakery Trolley with 32 trays
    Materials:201 or 304 stainless steel(food grade); Dimensions:810*770*1750mm.Tray size:600*400mm,Quantity:32 sets trays. Max weight:500kg. The racking trolley is best for storage and transpoart. It is widely used in schools, hospitals,bakery shops, food factory, restaurants,hotels.The warranty is 12months. Our factory can accept OEM and ODM orders. The trolley has been constructed from robust stainless steel,which can be tough and long lasting. There are four swivel castors(2 with brakes) will help you easily transport and move the trolley, and the annular bumpers will will prvent damage.
  • Small Heat Pump Food Dryer with 100kg Capacity AHRZ015-X Small Heat Pump Food Dryer with 100kg Capacity AHRZ015-X
    The heat pump food dryer can dry about 100kg fresh food every time. It owns heating, cooling, drying and dehumidifying funtions, which is best suitable to use in hotel, farm, home, and small business. Compared with electrical heater food dryer, it saves much energy.Besides, the food dehydrator owns dehumdifying system, one  dehumidifying fan and one dehumidifying components. So the machine is best in drying and dehumidifying.HOUSEHOLD: The dryer is manufactured with an impressive range of features including a 100% stainless steel body, stainless steel grids, stainless steel clips and stainless steel hose for extra durability. This product is a small size, energy efficient, household food dryer. It is easy to use and does not require installation or maintenance.MULTIFUNCTIONAL: you want dried. It's a smart and multifunctional food dryer. It not only dries food, but also can be a heater. TWSIX's Small Heat Pump Small Dryer is the ideal option for homes with limited space.Food Dryer, multifunctional household appliance, suitable for drying vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, and other food, intelligent temperature control,  automatic stop, practical home appliance. The TWSIX Small Heat Pump Food Dryer is a multifunctional household appliance that is designed to quickly and efficiently dry food. The dryer features a powerful fan that dries food in short time, and can also be used as an electric dryer.
  • Herb Leaves Dryer to Dry Leaves TSIX DPHG080S-G Herb Leaves Dryer to Dry Leaves TSIX DPHG080S-G
    TSIX herb dryer can dry leaves like mint,parsley, basil, coriander,thyme etd. Generally these dried leaves are made into health drinks. During the dehydrated process, the dryer machine plays an important role in color, nutrition and taste. Therefore,drying and dehumdifying funtions must be owned by the drying machine. Meanwhile, by using the herb dehydrator, it can improve the efficiency to get rid of the wheather's influence.So the dryer machine is suitable for farms, shops and food factories.
  • Fish Skins Dog Treats Dehydator and Dehumidifier DPHG150S-X Fish Skins Dog Treats Dehydator and Dehumidifier DPHG150S-X
    Fish skins dehydrated is very important,which decides the proteins and nutritions the dried fish skins contain.By Tsix' dehydrator and dehumidifier, the dried fish skins are not only rich in nutiriton but also chews,which can help clean teeth and support healty gums to dogs.Drying pet treats,the machine not only owns heating, drying, cooling and dehumidifying functions. Without the these funtions, the machine can't dehydrate good treats for pets.PERFECT FOR DEHYDRATING AND PRESERVING: The TWSIX Dog Treats Dehydrator and Dehumidifier is perfect for anyone with a dog. This machine is incredibly efficient for dehydrating and preserving treats. It has a unique design which is free of BPA. TWSIX Dehydrator and Dehumidifier is a must have for pet parents. It is perfect for dehydrating and preserving your pet's favorite snacks. It is portable enough to fit in your pocket.GREAT FOR A VARIETY OF MEATS, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: Say goodbye to freezer burn with this amazing dehydrator and dehumidifier. Product features: Great for a variety of meats, fruits and vegetables.EASY TO USE: wait for the dehydrator to do its thing. Product description: This dehydrator and dehumidifier will make your dog's favorite treats last longer.
  • Best Industrial Spaghetti Drying Machine to Dry Pasta or Spaghetti DPHG150S-G Tsix FactoryPrice- Best Industrial Spaghetti Drying Machine to Dry Pasta or Spaghetti DPHG150S-G Tsix FactoryPrice-
    Pasta or spaghetti is a staple food of tradtional Italian cuisine.  It is made of miled wheat,water,or some items enriched with vitamins and minerals.  Because it is mainly made of wheat. Therefore, at first early stages, the temperature is very important to shape the noodle. By Tsis noodle dryer, it can set low and middle temperature to dry the spghetti. It is not only shape but also retain the nutition.
  • Industrial Seaweed Dehydator and Dehumidifier DPHG150S-X Industrial Seaweed Dehydator and Dehumidifier DPHG150S-X
    With the successful application of high-temperature heat pump dryers to drying in many industries, more and more kelp processing factories choose to use seafood heat pump dryers. The kelp produced in the kelp drying room is flat, non-sticky, fast drying and good in color. The dried kelp is superior to dried kelp in terms of quality and color.Several major problems exist when kelp is dried:1. Production status and existing problems of dehydrated kelp. At present, most of the production of dehydrated kelp adopts the traditional drying method-fire way heating and drying method, which has the following problems:1. The heating temperature is too high. With traditional drying technology, the heating temperature is not easy to control. Generally, the heating temperature is around 75-90℃, and the drying process of dehydrated vegetables requires that the drying temperature should not exceed 65℃.2. The drying time is too long. Using traditional methods, it takes at least 24 hours to process 1 ton of vegetables. Even so, reheating and drying are occasionally caused by poor drying effects and rework.3. Large energy consumption. The traditional drying process has low thermal efficiency, about 30%-60%. During the drying process, the heat of drying and evaporating moisture accounts for about 36%, and the waste gas loss accounts for about 58%. Dry materials take away heat and dryer heat. The losses accounted for 2% and 2% respectively, and the thermal efficiency was only 40%.
  • HighQuality 500kg Fruit and Vegetable Dryer Machine with 192 Trays-DPHG080S-G Wholesale HighQuality 500kg Fruit and Vegetable Dryer Machine with 192 Trays-DPHG080S-G Wholesale
    Vegetable Dryer Machine with Drying Room.Dehydrating Ginger. Drying Leek. Dried Garlic. Dehydrated onions. Dehydrated Celery.1. This machine belongs to fluidized drying, heat mass is transferred quickly and drying speed is fast.2. The work state in the machine is in negative pressure condition, there is no dust flying during drying process.3. The bag filter is multi-bag type and made of anti-static material, operation is safe.4. No dead corner, easy to clean. It confirms to the requirements of GMP.Twesix HighQuality 500kg Fruit and Vegetable Dryer Machine with 192 Trays-DPHG080S-G Wholesale-Foshan Shunde Twesix Energy Co.,Ltd,Copeland compressor and Schneider electronics components
  • 300kg Sea Buckthorn Berry  Drying Machine in Mongolia 300kg Sea Buckthorn Berry Drying Machine in Mongolia
    Twesix Dryer can provide air with high temperature or low temperature to dehydrate for obtaining the seabuckthorn fruit powder. Generally Hot air drying at 50 or 60℃,freeze drying at 20 or 50 ℃ shelf plate temperature,which can keep the nutrition of seabuckthourn like vitamins C and E, total phenolics,carotenoids. Water Loss, total phenolic  compounds, carotenoids and vitamin C are determined at different drying processing times. Vitamin E is determined before and at the end of the drying. Twesix Dryer is refrigerant system. It works the temperature at 30 to 75 degree C. Therefore for low temperature at 30-40 ℃,it can freezely dry the seabuckthorn berry. Hot air at 50 ℃, it also can perform to finish the drying process.Besides, the dryer is equipped with condensing parts which is used to dehumidifying.
  • The Application of TSIX Food Dryer in Cold Weather The Application of TSIX Food Dryer in Cold Weather
    Heat pump dryer is the heat pump to get high temperature. The compressor makes the coolant as high temp. and high pressure gas, it releases the heating energy and becomes liquid when pass the condenser with the fan running, this heating energy goes to raise up the air temperature at the drying room. The water inside of the goods to be dried becomes steam by the hot air, and this steam is taken away by the exhaust system, the goods will be tried by doing that again and again. We have the heating-reuse system to heat up the refresh air from outside, that can save energy of preheating the fresh air about 60% - 70%.

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