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  • Freeze Dry Flowers Machine with Dehumidifier DPHG080S-X TSIX Freeze Dry Flowers Machine with Dehumidifier DPHG080S-X TSIX
    TSIX flower dehydrator machine can be set at low and middle temperature to dry flowers. Because dried flowers are made into comesitics,oil, herbs, tea etc. The temperature must be low. Also moisture-removing needs the dehumdidifier. Tsix flower dehydrator are the instructure with cooler, heater, dryer and dehumdifier,which is suitable to dry flowers.LOW TEMPERATURE: The machine is capable of freezing flowers of different shapes. Specification: The TWSIX Dry Flowers Machine is a revolutionary machine that can quickly and easily remove all the moisture from fresh flowers.The TWSIX Dry Flowers Machine is a low temperature dryer that is good for your flowers. This machine can produce artificial flowers at a low temperature, which is good for the quality of the final product. The TWSIX Dry Flowers Machine is a new generation machine for the automatic flowers processing.

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