best leaves dryer for farms | Twesix

best leaves dryer for farms | Twesix

This product facilitates people to eat more healthy. NCBI has proved that dehydrated food, which is rich in phenol antioxidants and nutrients, plays an important role in digestive health and improved blood flow.

TSIX herb dryer can dry leaves like mint,parsley, basil, coriander,thyme etd. Generally these dried leaves are made into health drinks. During the dehydrated process, the dryer machine plays an important role in color, nutrition and taste. Therefore,drying and dehumdifying funtions must be owned by the drying machine. Meanwhile, by using the herb dehydrator, it can improve the efficiency to get rid of the wheather's influence.So the dryer machine is suitable for farms, shops and food factories.

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  • Always striving toward excellence, Twesix has developed to be a market-driven and customer-oriented enterprise. We focus on strengthening the capabilities of scientific research and completing service businesses. We have set up a customer service department to better provide customers with prompt services including order tracking notice. leaves dryer Twesix have a group of service professionals who are responsible for answering questions raised by customers through the Internet or phone, tracking the logistics status, and helping customers solve any problem. Whether you'd like to get more info on what, why and how we do, try our new product - best leaves dryer for farms, or would like to partner up, we'd love to hear from you.Twesix leaves dryer is designed with reasonable and optimized dehydrating structure by our professional designers who have many years of experience in creating different types of food dehydrators for various applications.

                                                                                                                                                 Moringa Leaves Dehydrator

    The powder of  dried moringa leaves is commonly  produced as drinks and medicinal herbs. The leaves grows in India, Sri Lanka, and some countries in Africa.Generally The moringa leaves are dried by sun or machines.TSIX moringa drying machine can dry the leaves at low and middle temperature, which is suitable temperature to dehydrate the leaves without changing the color and nutrition. Besides the scent of moringa leaves cam be preserved well and the taste is good.Nowadays many clients from India, Bangladesh,Sri Lanka,some countries from Africa purchased the moringa dryer to make the herbs.


    How to Dry Moringa Leaves by TSIX herb dryer

    1. Select good moringa leaves and wash them.

    2. Layout the clean moringa leaves into the trays ,push the trolleys into TSIX herb drying machine

    3. Set the temperature at 30-55 degree C, and the drying time 6-10hours

    4. After 6-10hours, the leaves become crips. If not grind the dried leaves into powder, please sealing pack the dried leaves well.

    The drying time depends on how much moringa leaves in the tray and the color retained. If place less leaves in the tray, the drying time is short. Besides, if want to retain the color-green, the drying time will be longer. Because the temperature is set low. More details, please contact our sales!


    1.Can I be your agent or distributor?
    Yes, if you want to become our distributor in your place, we are a pleasure that we share profits ,provide technology training.
    2.Are you a factory or trading company?
    We are a professional manufacturer of food drying machine for . We have own brand Tsix drying machine production line. We own both of Domestic and international sales department.
    3.Where are your clients from
    Asia, Europe,Africa, South America, New Zeland,Austrilia etc


    1.Testing Lab
    2.10 years experience in food drying machine
    3.Copeland compressor and Schneider electronics components
    4.Factory, do OEM/ODM orders

    About Twesix

    A Professional food drying machine manufacturer and food drying solution provider since 2014.We mainly manufacture”Tsix”series products like air source heat pump food dryer,industrial food dehydrator and also air to water source heat pump for drinking water. Our machines are exported to dozens of countries and areas such as the Britain,Australia, Middle East, India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia,Brazil, Russia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and South Africa, etc Besides, we have our labs,which can test the capacity and performance of machines,which guarantee the quality to our clients.

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