Twesix | custom bread rack for farms

Twesix | custom bread rack for farms

People can benefit equal nutrients from the dehydrated food by this product. The nutrients ingredients have been inspected to be the same as pre-dehydration after the food is dehydrated.

Laser machines cut the stainless steel pipe and holes without any furs,which not only can improve the quality of welding but also can improve the efficiency of production. In our factory, there are 4sets the lasers machines to cut the pipes of the stainless steel trolley carts.


Automatic welding robots, the frames of trolley racks made of stainless steel needs TIG welding,which requires welding staff to be very experienced. By the welding robots, the welding joints are smooth without rosin joints. Meanwhile, it can solve the efficiency issue due to depending on labors.


Ultrasonic cleaning has a very good effect, high cleanliness, fast cleaning speed, no manual contact with cleaning agents, safe and reliable, and can also clean gaps, uneven surfaces, and deep holes without damage to the surface of the stainless steel trolley racks, saving heat and cleaning agents , venue and labor, etc.  

Products Details

Set up years ago, Twesix is a professional manufacturer and also a supplier with strong capabilities in production, design, and R&D. bread rack If you are interested in our new product bread rack and others, welcome you to contact us.Twesix is developed creatively by the R&D team. It is created with dehydrating parts including heating element, a fan, and air vents which are essential in the air circulating.

1. Description of Food Trolley Made of Stainless Steel

●The trolleys with trays' material is food grade stainless steel like 201,304 and 316 stainless steel, which it will be not any problem under working temperature 300℃.

● It can be detachable, so it is easy to be transported and also save shipping cost.
●Using the micro resistance welding and seamless welding technology, make the product without solder joints, welding injury, no burrs, no loss, safe use.
●Design of water and steam permeation mesh to ensure cleaning and sterilizing effect

●Trolley racks widely used in food dehydrator, bakery oven and vacuum freeze dryerand food steaming machine


2.Stainless Steel Trolley Carts Feature 

●Non-toxic, anti-corrosive
●Durable, do not rust
●Good quality, preferential price
●High temperature resistant
●Environmental protection
●Corrosion resistance, easy to clean

3. Application of Mobile Trolley Carts


  Used in Food Drying Machine/Food Dehydrator/Fruit Dehydrator/Flowers Dryer Machine

Bread Baking Trolley or Bread Baking Carts

Steaming Trolley for Rice or Steam Carts for Steaming Machine

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  • Customized Industrial Feed Food Fruit Vegetable Hot Air Dryer Drying Machine manufacturers FromChina
    This air source heat pump dryer / dehydrator is widely used in agriculture, industry, medicine and other fields, to dry many things like fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, flowers & leaves, wood, paper roller, incense, clothes and so on.Twesix Customized Industrial Feed Food Fruit Vegetable Hot Air Dryer Drying Machine manufacturers FromChina,Copeland compressor and Schneider electronics componentsAIR CIRCULATION: air to dry food and reduce bacteria and spoilage. This machine will dry your food fast and efficiently, so you can enjoy your tasty food sooner.ENERGY SAVING: your food at a certain time. Forget all the time you waste hand drying your food. Introducing the next must-have kitchen appliance for any healthy foodie. Introducing the most efficient dryer available, the TWSIXryer is energy saving, water efficient, and most importantly, easy to use.
  • How to Install the food drying equipment?
    The food drying equipment contains heat pump dryer, drying chamber, trolleys, trays,fan wall and othe wires.  Each steps are provided drawings and videos. Besides,based on many years’ experience, we gradually update the design of the food drying equipment, which simplify the installation for clients. The food drying equipment is composed of the hot air dryer, drying chamber, fan wall and electrical coil. Besides, all toolings and sealing glue are prepared for clients.
  • Drying Noodles and Meat in Mongolia
    The food drying machine project is in Mongolia, which is used in winter. The dryer is mainly used to dry noodles and meat. By using the machine, the clients can dry 4000kg noodles and 1500kg meat one day. Compared with old drying machine, it increases one time output and also saves half electricity.
  • Food Drying Machine Package and Transportation
    The food dehydrate machine and other components are packed by plywood and cardboard ,which can avoid breaking during transportation.A food drying machine is a machine for drying food, such as fruits, vegetables, and meats. TWSIX Food Drying Machine is an advanced food drying machine with the following features: • Built-in food hygienic test and sterilization • Automatic drying and cooling • Safety and easy operation • Reusable and easy.ideal for mass drying of dried foods, such as bread, pasta, cookies, breadcrumbs, rice, fruit, vegetables, and meat, as well as pre-heating, cooling, and. TWSIX Food Drying Machine is an equipment that solves the problem of food shortage and improves the quality of life. The TWSIX Food Drying Machine is a compact self-contained machine designed for drying food to be exported to foreign countries.

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