TWESIX Focuses on the Development of Heat Pump Food Drying Technology.

  • 16 Tier 304 Stainless Steel Food Tray Rack for Baking and Drying 16 Tier 304 Stainless Steel Food Tray Rack for Baking and Drying
    stainless steel trolley / food trolley stainless steel / tray trolley stainless steel/ trolley racks can be customized as per your requirement. And we also can provide you with the baking trays and drying mesh trays. If you can not confirm the details, we will send you some common size as per the application you sent.The food trolley is made of food grade stainless steel and it is rust resistant and durable. It adapts to different environments in different materials, and can be used as the storage cabinet of seafood, meat, vegetables and fruits. The detachable food trolley allows you to store and move more items at the same time.This heavy duty push trolley features stainless steel construction and anti-rust properties, making it ideal for transporting fresh bakery goods or other food products. It’s detachable, allowing you to use it separately and easily in the preparation stage
  • Professional Industrial Green Leaves Drying Machine with Low Temperature manufacturers Professional Industrial Green Leaves Drying Machine with Low Temperature manufacturers
    How to keep the leaves green while drying the herbs is a big problem for clients.Traditionally clients use electrical coil dryer or gas dryer, but these machines can't dehumidify and guarantee low temperature.Therfore by using these dryers, it is very difficult to keep the same color of leaves or herbs.The air source heat pump dryer not only can provide hot air but also can dehumidify. Besides, it also can be low temperature below 30 ℃. By dehumidifying, the moisture inside herbs or leaves are slowly removed without damage the color or the ingredient. Besides, the heat pump dryer also own heat recovery,which can recover the heat to dry herbs or leaves again.Compared with other traditional dryer, it can save 60% to 70% energy.Meanwhile, in heat pump dryer, e-humidity sensor and e-temperature sensor are installed. The precision can be controlled within ±0.1℃.  The drying model also plays an important role in drying herbs or leaves.We are very experienced in that. When our clients do drying tests, we will provie these data to them. So it can improve their products' quality
  • HighQuality 500kg Freeze Flower Drying Machine Rose  Dryer DPHG050S-G Wholesale-Foshan Shunde Twesix Energy Co.,Ltd HighQuality 500kg Freeze Flower Drying Machine Rose Dryer DPHG050S-G Wholesale-Foshan Shunde Twesix Energy Co.,Ltd
    Freeze Flowers Dryer are used to dry rose,chrysanthemum,hollyhock etc for food factories, biotechnology and cosmetic companies.Advantages:1, the room is a high-efficiency insulation material, the heat energy is repeated many times until it is fully utilized.2, multi-process curve storage, multi-source acquisition and control, precise temperature control, humidity control, easy operation, a high degree of intelligence.Twesix HighQuality 500kg Freeze Flower Drying Machine Rose  Dryer DPHG050S-G Wholesale-Foshan Shunde Twesix Energy Co.,Ltd,10 years experience in food drying machine
  • Customized Industrial Feed Food Fruit Vegetable Hot Air Dryer Drying Machine manufacturers FromChina Customized Industrial Feed Food Fruit Vegetable Hot Air Dryer Drying Machine manufacturers FromChina
    This air source heat pump dryer / dehydrator is widely used in agriculture, industry, medicine and other fields, to dry many things like fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, flowers & leaves, wood, paper roller, incense, clothes and so on.Twesix Customized Industrial Feed Food Fruit Vegetable Hot Air Dryer Drying Machine manufacturers FromChina,Copeland compressor and Schneider electronics componentsAIR CIRCULATION: air to dry food and reduce bacteria and spoilage. This machine will dry your food fast and efficiently, so you can enjoy your tasty food sooner.ENERGY SAVING: your food at a certain time. Forget all the time you waste hand drying your food. Introducing the next must-have kitchen appliance for any healthy foodie. Introducing the most efficient dryer available, the TWSIXryer is energy saving, water efficient, and most importantly, easy to use.

Why Choose TWESIX?

The company focuses on R&D, production, sales and after-sales of food dehydrator machine & heat pump drying products, and provides comprehensive drying solutions.

As a green new energy company, it has the purpose of “Only produce the most professional heat pump dryer”.


Our  food dryer machine products waranty is 12 months. We can take OEM orders. Clients send designs to us and we can manufacture as drawings.

Also we can design as clients’ requirments. Our standard products like MHTA, GA and GB series are in stock anytime.

  • Payment Service

    T/T, L/C (for container order only), Western Union, (for sample order & parts)

  • Technical service

    We calculate the capacity and recommend the best models.

  • After-sales service

    One year’s warranty, and you can pay for extended warranty.

  • Support after sales

    We supply the training course to your workers at our factory if you need.


Our food dehydrator machine products have won many certifications in terms of quality and innovation.

A Professional food drying machine manufacturer and food drying solution provider since 2014.

We mainly manufacture ”Tsix” series products like air source heat pump food dryer, industrial food dehydrator and also air to water source heat pump for drinking water.


Our machines are exported to dozens of countries such as the Canada, Britain, France, Australia, South Korea, India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Russia, Uzbekistan, Romania, Croatia, Latvia, Sweden, and South Africa, etc. 

Besides, we have our labs, which can test the capacity and performance of machines, which guarantee the quality to our clients.

  • 2014+
    Company establishment
  • 50-100
    Company personnel
  • 10000
    Factory area
  • OEM
    OEM custom solutions

Our food dehydrator machine machines are exported to dozens of countries.

  • Drying Noodles and Meat in Mongolia
    The food drying machine project is in Mongolia, which is used in winter. The dryer is mainly used to dry noodles and meat. By using the machine, the clients can dry 4000kg noodles and 1500kg meat one day. Compared with old drying machine, it increases one time output and also saves half electricity.
  • Food Drying Machine Package and Transportation
    The food dehydrate machine and other components are packed by plywood and cardboard ,which can avoid breaking during transportation.A food drying machine is a machine for drying food, such as fruits, vegetables, and meats. TWSIX Food Drying Machine is an advanced food drying machine with the following features: • Built-in food hygienic test and sterilization • Automatic drying and cooling • Safety and easy operation • Reusable and easy.ideal for mass drying of dried foods, such as bread, pasta, cookies, breadcrumbs, rice, fruit, vegetables, and meat, as well as pre-heating, cooling, and. TWSIX Food Drying Machine is an equipment that solves the problem of food shortage and improves the quality of life. The TWSIX Food Drying Machine is a compact self-contained machine designed for drying food to be exported to foreign countries.
  • How to Install the food drying equipment?
    The food drying equipment contains heat pump dryer, drying chamber, trolleys, trays,fan wall and othe wires.  Each steps are provided drawings and videos. Besides,based on many years’ experience, we gradually update the design of the food drying equipment, which simplify the installation for clients. The food drying equipment is composed of the hot air dryer, drying chamber, fan wall and electrical coil. Besides, all toolings and sealing glue are prepared for clients.
  • 300kg Sea Buckthorn Berry Drying Machine in Mongolia
    Twesix Dryer can provide air with high temperature or low temperature to dehydrate for obtaining the seabuckthorn fruit powder. Generally Hot air drying at 50 or 60℃,freeze drying at 20 or 50 ℃ shelf plate temperature,which can keep the nutrition of seabuckthourn like vitamins C and E, total phenolics,carotenoids. Water Loss, total phenolic  compounds, carotenoids and vitamin C are determined at different drying processing times. Vitamin E is determined before and at the end of the drying. Twesix Dryer is refrigerant system. It works the temperature at 30 to 75 degree C. Therefore for low temperature at 30-40 ℃,it can freezely dry the seabuckthorn berry. Hot air at 50 ℃, it also can perform to finish the drying process.Besides, the dryer is equipped with condensing parts which is used to dehumidifying.

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