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Silkworm cocoons are a specialty of China. The ancient Chinese working people discovered and produced silk products on a large scale, which opened the first large-scale trade exchange between the East and the West in the history of the world. Since the Western Han Dynasty, Chinese silk has been continuously shipped abroad in large quantities and has become a world-famous product.

The road from China to the West is called "Silk Road" by Europeans, and China is also called "Silk Country". In the process of silkworm cocoon to weaving, in order to prevent feathering, maintain cocoon quality, prevent mildew and damage, make storage and transportation, it is necessary to dry silkworm cocoon. In ancient China, sunlight and cage steaming were mainly used for drying, and now cocoon drying stoves and cocoon drying machines are mostly used; in addition, there are vacuum drying, infrared drying, microwave drying and nuclear radiation drying.

According to the number of drying treatments, it can be divided into two types: direct drying and re-drying. The former is also known as the one-time drying method, which is to bake fresh cocoons into suitable dry cocoons at one time. This method is easy to operate and can reduce the damage of cocoons; the disadvantage is that it takes a long time, the drying is uneven, the equipment utilization is slow, and the fresh cocoons are easy to accumulate.

The latter is also known as the secondary dry method. First, dry the fresh cocoons to a semi-dry cocoon with a drying degree of about 60%, which is called the first drying; after a reasonable stacking treatment for 3 to 4 days and nights, dry the cocoons at a lower temperature until the cocoons are properly dry, which is called the second drying. This method can improve the drying uniformity and the utilization rate of equipment.

With the advancement of science and technology, the cocoon drying equipment has been continuously improved, and the Twesix series environmental protection and energy saving automatic circulation hot air cocoon drying machine is a drying equipment developed by Foshan Shunde Twesix Energy Co.,Ltd that uses hot air forced convection to dry materials. It is suitable for the drying of silkworm cocoons in large, medium and small cocoon stations in my country. In order to adapt to different drying process requirements (such as direct drying, first drying, second drying, different moisture content, etc.); the temperature, network speed, air supply and moisture removal of the machine can be adjusted freely, in order to achieve the best process combination . The control system of this machine is also set up with a sound and light alarm for the temperature of the drying room is too high or the total air temperature is too low to remind the operator to keep the drying temperature stable.

Twesix automatic cocoon dryer runs smoothly, has high thermal efficiency, large production capacity, uniform drying, good color and cleanliness; hot air temperature, drying time and moisture removal can be adjusted and controlled, which can adapt to different material drying process requirements; With the characteristics of labor saving, environmental protection and energy saving, stable temperature, simple and convenient operation and maintenance, it is an ideal equipment for drying cocoons at present.

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