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  • Low Temperature Sea Cucumber Dryer with Dehumidifier DPHG150S-X
    Low Temperature Sea Cucumber Dryer with Dehumidifier DPHG150S-X
    Place the boiled sea cucumbers on the material tray, put the sea cucumbers on the material tray into the heat pump drying room, and set the drying temperature, humidity and time parameters through the intelligent control system. If it is ordinary salt-dried sea cucumbers, the drying temperature can be set slightly higher. If it is high-quality light-dried or purely dried sea cucumbers, try to use the cold air drying mode of the dryer, 10℃-30℃, cold air drying The sea cucumber has a black and bright color, well-preserved scent, and has a special scent of sea cucumber.Sea participation process stepsCut the sea cucumber and squeeze the intestines. Wash the sea cucumber with clean water, cut two or three centimeters of mouth from its abdomen with scissors, and take out the internal organs and intestines. If the intestines are not removed, the whole sea cucumber will be melted away.Clean sea cucumbers. Sea cucumbers are difficult to clean, so after taking out the internal organs, the sea cucumbers are cleaned repeatedly, usually 5 times until they are clean. Steam and cook sea cucumbers. When the water temperature is 90 degrees, put the cleaned sea cucumber into a pot and cook, stir it back and forth with tools to prevent uneven water temperature. At this time, it can be seen that the sea cucumber shrinks rapidly and the sea cucumber spines are prominent. After about half an hour, take out the sea cucumber and stir in coarse salt as appropriate.
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